Sending a Specimen

Ordering a test. Get started.

If you are new to UChicago Medical Laboratories, please call us on 773.702.8287. We can answer any questions you may have and get the process started for you. 

How to Handle Specimens

Before you send your specimen, please be sure to follow the proper procedures for preparing, collecting, packaging and shipping to our facilities. This will ensure you receive the most accurate test results possible. 

To make this easier, we have created specimen-handling protocols to assist you in collecting and shipping appropriate samples. Click on the link below to view a menu of specimen types. 

Specimen Handling

How to ship your samples

Sending specimens for a consultation (tissue blocks and/or slides) should be sent through FedEx. Please send to the following address:

Bright Star Logistics/UCMC LAB
7800 S. Quincy Street
Willowbrook, Illinois 60527

Please do not use US Postal Service. To obtain our FedEx account information and packaging information please call our Customer Service number at 773-702-8287 or email us at