Why UChicago Medical Laboratories

We offer reference laboratory testing services in clinical, anatomic, and genomic and molecular pathology to healthcare entities within the University of Chicago Medicine, and to nonaffiliated hospitals, managed care organizations, outpatient clinics, and private physician offices.

An integrated part of the University of Chicago since 1987, our knowledgeable and highly professional staff provides high-quality, fast, and reliable test results. We have the ability to offer extensive consultation services through our clinical practices, which include more than 700 physicians and scientists, and to develop sophisticated systems and procedures to serve the diverse needs of our clients. Our innovative diagnostic services help physicians make better-informed decisions concerning the care of their patients. 

As a nonprofit entity, we reinvest all of our profits into research and development. Through this work we aim to improve laboratory medicine and the health care industry through the creation of new technology and tests. 

Our Mission

We support the local delivery of laboratory services by providing comprehensive outreach support, clinical expertise, and consultation services that facilitate the healthcare needs of our clients.