Test Ordering

Getting Started

To order tests, complete the registration form with your contact and company information. Registration takes less than 10 minutes, and new accounts are usually processed and available within one business day.

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Locate and Order Your Test

After you register, following these steps to place your first order:

  1. Locate the test that you want to order in the Test Catalog.
  2. Find the Test Code, which is located next to the test name on the right.
  3. Follow the collection instructions to collect specimen and choose a Requisition Form to complete below
  4. Print and complete the test requisition forms PDF to send with the specimen.

Repeat these steps for each test that you need to order until your new account is available.

Next Steps

Within one business day of your registration, you will receive a Welcome email with your account number and detailed information about advanced ordering options, test results notification, billing, and other services.

Contact Customer Service for questions or for assistance.